Talent Acquisition Specialist

• Responsible for overall personnel recruiting and selecting activities to ensure adequate staffing at all levels. Perform analysis of hiring needs, processes, and outcome and ensure staffing requirements at all levels are met as directed by the company’s short- and long-term plans.
• Coordinate with hiring managers to ensure that all positions are filled in a timely manner. Collaborate with users on current and anticipated staffing needs. Support users/managers with advice on best practice recruitment and selection
• Ensure that teams consist of diverse and qualified individuals.
• Effectively use social media, AI and any other IT technologies to optimize hiring processes.
• Ensure all “recruitment reports ” are updated on time, accuracy. Prepare reports on hiring trends and activities within their department.
• Oversee processes, recordkeeping and analyses required to support the Action Plan and outcomes including administrative aspects of the hiring requirements such as JD, OC, MRF, etc.

• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Psychology.
• 3 years minimum experience in performing full cycle recruiting to get the best talents, using various interview techniques (e.g., Behavioral Interview) and evaluation methods and having the ability to perform psychometric assessments is a plus.
• Have proficiency with social media, CV databases, and other professional networks in Talent Solutions and
• Proficient in English both speaking and writing, have IT background, have experience in collaborating and dealing with multicultural people and environment (global/multinational companies)

• Team player with solid communication, negotiation, listening, and problem-solving skills.
• Quick learner, good analytical skills, and complex problem-solving ability.
• Quick to adapt to new environments and people of varied backgrounds and cultures.
• Organized and reliable, able to work independently.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and hand



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