Supplier Quality Incoming Inspector

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  • May 03, 2024

Key Responsibility

Technical Role:
• Ensure that all procedures, drawings, or other related documents are approved by each party.
• Conduct progressive inspections for each project according to approved procedures, starting from incoming materials, in-process of manufacturing/fabrication, and post-manufacturing/fabrication before product delivery to the customer.
• Evaluate all details of out-of-tolerance issues discovered during inspection activities against the applicable drawing and acceptance criteria.
• Mark any item found to be outside the specifications with a (Hold or NCR) sticker, and ensure it is moved to the quarantine area. Also, notify the Sr. Operations Quality Inspector, Supervisor, or Superintendent to raise the official NCR document.
• Sign the related Job Instruction Sheet.
• Generate and submit an inspection report within 24 hours.
• Supervise any Assistant Operations Quality dedicated to assisting in the inspection process.
• Wear all required PPE as directed.

Safety Role:
• Responsible for adhering to HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) management system requirements at all times during work.
• Responsible for reporting accidents, incidents, or actions that could lead to incidents (unsafe conditions) to the respective supervisor and recording them in the accident and incident book.
• Perform work in compliance with safety requirements and applicable safe work methods for the respective jobs, including the use of appropriate safety equipment.
• Comply with environmental management system requirements.

• Minimum Diploma III degree required.
• Preferred experience in a similar QC function.
• Capability to read a Jaeger 1 (J1).
• Familiarity with typical measuring instruments such as Tong tester, PMI, Hardness, Caliper, Thermometer, Welding gauges, Micrometer, etc.
• Proficiency in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Presentation) and Adobe editor.
• Understanding of organization-related tools and processes.
• Strong communication abilities and interpersonal skills.
• Fluency in business English communication, both written and spoken.
• Quick learner with strong analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems