Quality Inspector

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  • Mar 29, 2024

Electrical & Instrumentation Quality Inspector

The Quality Inspector applies existing knowledge and experience in the inspection discipline to support routine assignments. They will use best practices and knowledge of internal or external issues to improve products or services in the inspection discipline.

Job Overview:

Execute the inspection and Quality Control activities on site, collecting the relevant objectives proofs, ensuring monitoring and coordination of quality control activities on electrical and instrument equipment/system construction, installation and mechanical completion activities.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Executes the specific inspections on materials, equipment and construction/installation activities on site.
• Issues the relevant QAN-Quality Advise Note and, when necessary, writes and sends to QC Supervisor nonconformances reports, update the corrective action progress by weekly basis.
• Work with E&I Construction to rectify Client Site Issue, update the progress by weekly basis.
• Checks cable pulling, laying routing, bending radius, spacing between instrument cable, power cable (Low Voltage,
• Medium Voltage, High Voltage), tie wrapping, physical damage, and cable identification, tagging, Marking, numbering, etc as per spec, and AFC drawing, and cable schedule.
• Check cable glanding, follow gland specification (universal Gland, or Barrier Gland, Brass gland or nickel-plated gland, sizing, etc).
• Witnessing wiring terminations, correct ferruling/cable lug types and sizing, relevant loop checks, based on AFC wiring, layout drawing.
• Witnessing cable cores Continuity Test, Insulation Test/Meagering.
• Work with preservation team to energize Motors/Generators, Space heaters, insulation test start from receiving until handover to commissioning.
• Advise Mechanical Completion Team to updates as built drawings (if necessary).
• Perform punch-listing operations while performing MC-ITR (Mechanical Completion-Inspection & Test Records).
• Checks power transformers, switchboard, accumulator battery, socket outlet, lighting system, Turbine Generators, Compressors.
• Performs visual inspections, dimensional test, checks rating and material for connection.
• Performs tests of continuity, insulation resistance for above ground cabling underground cabling.
• Witnessing Calibration of Safety valves, shutdown valve.
• Witnessing calibration of instruments.
• Checks installation of instruments, Wiring, lay out based on AFC-wiring, layout drawing.
• Work with Mechanical Completion team to performs test functional instruments.
• Checks pneumatically signal connection.
• Witnessing and check fiber optic cable testing, installation on platform.
• Witnessing and check fiber optic cable testing, installation intended for subsea cable.
• Witnessing and check testing of communication functionalities.
• Verify special processes and the relevant worker’s qualifications.
• Witness the tests, controls and inspections carried out.
• Check conformity with the Quality Control Plan, obtain the relevant documentation, and check procedures and equipment to be used in tests, controls and inspections, manage documents certifying test, controls and inspections.
• Ensure the correct implementation of the approved inspection Test Plan.
• Ensure installation of Electrical Apparatus, instruments are complying with Hazardous Area Classification.
• Coordination, monitoring, reporting & technical assistance during fabrication & installation activities.
• Constant coordination with other engineering units, Process Engineer, and all relevant dept involved specially, structure, piping department for relocation need.
• Review E&I specifications versus implementation, review AFC-approved for Construction Drawing and advise preparation of As-Builts drawing (if deem necessary).
• Preparation of work method statement.
• QA/QC Inspection and documentation.
• Perform monitoring and inspection of the following installation:
• Support/Bracket/Stanchion for Cable trays, cable ladders, Switchgear (MCC-Motor Control Centre), Control Centre (CCR-Central Control Room), transformers (Step Up & Step Down), Resistors (NGR-Neutral Ground Resistors), Compressors, Turbine Generators, Diesel Generators, Ground resistance for electrical grounding system, Fire alarm/protection system, PAGA, Smoke detector, gas detector, Flame Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Alarm Call Point, Telecommunication facilities, conduit and fittings, lighting, fittings, control panel, telecommunication works, Junction Box, Installation of control valve, safety valve, Pressure Valve, Level Valve, Flow Valve, Temperature Valve, Pressure Transmitter, Level Transmitter, Flow Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Pressure Indicator, Level Indicator, Flow Indicator, Temperature Indicator, Field Electrical/Instrument items, Impulse Piping, Tubing, Heat Tracing, etc.
• Constantly regular coordination with Client as well as commissioning team for any nonconformance found
• Attend regular basis of E&I construction and Quality meeting with Client, and relevant Process Engineers
• Qualified to perform inspection of Hazardous Area/Potentially Explosive Atmosphere – Certified by Comp ‘Ex’ Hazardous Area Classifications
• Qualified to perform inspection of oil and gas Instrument -Certified by Indonesian MIGAS-oil & gas Industries Instrument Inspector for Indonesian projects
• High standard of safe working practice, quality and productivity as well as compliance with the code of business conduct
• Perform field inspection of fitting and welding in accordance with project specification and scope as noted in the ITP
• Review and familiarize with Project AFC drawing, NDT drawing, ITP, Work Instruction and specification relating to assigned project
• Conducting business & performing duties

Essential Qualifications and Education:
• Under graduated Degree / Senior High School
• 5+ years Quality control or related experience in Weld, Paint, Material Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunication and Equipment Inspection

Preferred Qualifications and Education:
• ATEX Certification