Quality Control Coordinator

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  • Apr 03, 2024

Responsibilities :
• Overseeing and managing the quality control team.
• Developing and implementing quality control procedures and policies.
• Conducting inspections and audits to ensure adherence to quality control procedures and regulations.
• Monitoring and evaluating the quality of work performed by workers and subcontractors.
• Identifying and addressing any non-conformities or quality issues that arise during the construction or repair process.
• Collaborating with project managers and other departments to resolve quality control issues and ensure timely completion of projects.
• Training and mentoring quality control staff to improve their skills and knowledge.
• Keeping records of quality control activities and reporting on performance to senior management.
• Implementing continuous improvement initiatives to enhance overall quality control processes.

• Bachelor’s degree in naval architecture, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field.
• Relevant experience in quality control or quality assurance coordinator within a shipyard or maritime industry at least 5 years.
• Knowledge of industry regulations and standards related to shipbuilding and maritime construction.
• Certification in quality management systems, such as ISO 9001.
• Strong communication and leadership skills to effectively manage a team of QC inspectors and coordinate with other departments.
• Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and specifications.
• Familiarity with common inspection techniques and tools, such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, and dye penetrant testing.
• Understanding of welding processes and welding inspection procedures.
• Knowledge of health and safety regulations in a shipyard environment.
• Continuous education and training to stay current with industry trends and best practices in quality control