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People power our future. That is why advancing a dynamic, inclusive environment, where everyone grows and thrives is critically important to us.

Our ingenuity fuels daily life.Together, we’ve forged some of the most trusted partnerships across the energy value chain to make what was once just an idea a reality: laying subsea infrastructure thousands of feet below sea level, installing offshore platforms hundreds of miles from shore, and using our expertise to design and build offshore wind infrastructure.

For more than 100 years, we’ve been making the impossible possible. Today, we’re driving the energy transition with more than 30,000 of the brightest minds across 54 countries.

Here, what you do matters.

Job Overview:

The Nurse provides patients with a wide range of services, from administering medications and performing basic procedures to providing emotional support and counseling. They prepare and implement nursing care plans by applying scientific methods and skills and utilize standard operating procedures to perform assigned tasks and other related activities in the workplace.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Perform TRIAGE to all patients and participate in carrying out ACLS
• Assist the physicians with daily primary patient care and in handling medical and surgical emergency cases
• Perform available diagnostic procedures such as ECG, spirometry, audiometry, drug & alcohol tests, and other related procedures
• Perform occupational health procedures for employees
• Assist in Hygiene & Sanitation Inspections
• Provide medical guidance and awareness to employees about health-related issues
• Inventory of medical supplies and equipment
• Implement company medical policies, assist in implementing health programs and employees ‘benefits as per HR guidelines
• Answer all incoming telephone and radio calls and other related queries in reception and information areas
• Manage feedback and complaints from employees
• Demonstrate knowledge in safely using equipment and preventive maintenance procedures
• Provide services courteously and respectfully concerning the cultural beliefs and needs of employees
• Ensure employees receive prompt and quality medical care by providing direct patient care, including assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation
• Serve as a patient advocate, providing emotional support and guidance throughout the healthcare process
• Interface with health team members to develop and implement individualized care plans and participate in quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient outcomes
• Educate patients and employees on disease prevention, health maintenance, and available resources, including safety administration of vaccinations/ immunizations
• Administer medications as per patient safety procedures, accepted guidance and practice, and as prescribed by the attending physician
• Monitor patients’ progress and response to interventions, modifying care plans as advised and required
• Document patient medical attendance by scanning, uploading, filing medical reports and entry to electronic medical records, and ensuring integrity and confidentiality of medical reports, record keeping, and administrative reporting
• Maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and staff
• Attend continuing education courses to keep abreast of latest evidence-based practices
• Provide leadership and mentorship to less experienced staff

Essential Qualifications and Education:
• College degree in Nursing
• 2+ years of experience in the Medical Field/services
• Comprehensive Clinical Training in Occupational Health and Nursing
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Critical-thinking skills
• Appropriate and valid Training Certifications
• Computer proficiency skill
• Commitment to providing high-quality patient care
• Valid certification in advance emergency life support, preferably in ACLS and ATLS / PHTLS or equivalent emergency medical care


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