Loker Batam GlobalTix Terbaru, November 2023

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  • Oct 28, 2023

Join us in the ticketing field at GlobalTix, we need someone who can understand the business being run by companies in the ticketing sector, for that we need staff in the production team candidates as follows:

Qualifications for Productions Team :

1. Male and Female

2. Communication & Interpersonal Skills

3. Have a high curiosity

4. Be realistic in setting expectations

5. Broad insight

6. Flexible and Adaptable

7. Can speak English, both written and spoken

8. Computer literate

Job Desk for Product Creations Team :

– Define SOP requirements. Product creation in the system based on direction from internal team and external partners

– Be sure to provide the latest information about the product to be uploaded

– Collect feedback from product users and then improve the product based on user feedback

– Understand the products that will be uploaded to the system

– Make sure to check the updated prices according to the latest prices

– Help Account Manager to prepare products with clear and understandable quality content

– Can easily understand the product to be made

– Completing tasks according to predetermined deadlines


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