CPD Production Supervisor

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  • Mar 21, 2024

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Supervise all welders and general workers working in the welding department.
  2. Take ownership of productivity to ensure that the required output is achieved in line with the manufacturing schedule for main line and off line work.
  3. Understand WPS and the importance of essential variables for the process mentioned in the WPS fully as per ASME Sec IX, API 1104.
  4. Maintain and monitor housekeeping standards within the department. Conduct monthly housekeeping walk in assigned department.
  5. Liaise with Project Engineers and provide feedback on the work in the department.
  6. Attend and participate in weekly toolbox talks, Safety and Quality meetings.
  7. Co-ordinate with Quality Control and ensure that the desired quality level is achieved and maintained.
  8. Work directly with the Senior Welding Engineer and QC Engineer during WPS/PQR, to test various processes and procedures.
  9. Work directly with Senior Welding Engineer to assess and recommend welders for further training.
  10. Attend and provide updates as required for production meetings.
  11. Monitor the condition of all plant and equipment, liaise with Maintenance team and report any concerns to the Senior Workshop Supervisor.
  12. Discuss with Senior Workshop Supervisor to contribute to continual improvement initiatives of processes, people and equipment.
  13. Direct Quality Control activities as required, to ensure that productivity is maintained.
  14. Liaise with Night Shift Supervisor/In-charge to ensure that all night shift activities are coordinated in the same manner as day shift.
  15. Ensure all machine maintenance checks are performed and recorded daily.
  16. Raise a minimum of 12 stop cards per year.
  17. Accept and perform any additional work related instructions/activities, to the best of his ability, as determined by the department Supervisor/Manager.
  18. Comply with OSI Quality Management System, OSI HS&E policy and requirements.

Part 3: Qualification Requirements

Formal Education & Certification

  1. 5 years of experience as Welding Supervisor with thorough knowledge of weld symbols, and ability to read fabrication and machining drawings.
  2. Certified competent in “Implement Incident Management Processes” and “Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings”.
  3. Certified competent in “Assess Confined Space For Safety Entry and Work”.
  4. Certified competent in “Managing Work-at-Height”.

Knowledge & Experience

  1. Computer literate with knowledge of MS – Excel, MS – Word.
  2. Familiarity with SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW & SAW welding processes